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Kobold Great Sword Fire
Kobold Great Sword Water
ToA Malice Ax 2H
BruiserHammer 2H
Alb Placeholder two handed slash
Alb Placeholder two handed thrust
Alb Placeholder two handed crush
Mid Placeholder two handed sword
Mid Placeholder two handed axe
Mid Placeholder two handed hammer
Hib Placeholder large weapon blade
Hib Placeholder large weapon blunt
Pick Axe
Battle Axe
Champion Epic Large Blade
Champion Epic Large Blunt
Hero Epic Large Blade
Hero Epic Large Blunt
Hero Epic Large Pierce
Armsmen Epic Two Handed Slash
Armsmen Epic Two Handed Thrust
Armsmen Epic Two Handed Crush
Paladin Epic Two Handed Slash
Paladin Epic Two Handed Thrust
Entries 91 - 120 of 172