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Rediscovered Chain Leggings
Catacomb Norse Guard Chain 3 Legs
Bainshee Epic Legs
Good Shar leather pants
Good Shar Chain pants
Good Shar Scale leggings
Good Shar plate leggings
Good Shar studded/reinforced pants
Good Shar cloth pants
Possesed Inconnu chain leggings
Possesed Inconnu scale leggings
Possesed Inconnu plate leggings
Good Inconnu chain leggings
Good Inconnu scale leggings
Good Inconnu plate leggings
Good Inconnu cloth pants
Good Inconnu leather pants
Possessed Inconnu cloth pants
Possessed Inconnu leather pants
Possessed Shar cloth pants
Possessed Shar leather pants
Possessed Shar reinforced pants
Possessed Shar scale leggings
Possessed Shar plate leggings
Possessed Shar chain leggings
Possessed Inconnu studded pants
Good Inconnu studded pants
Poss Inconnu Hib cloth pants
Poss Inconnu Hib leather pants
Poss Inconnu Hib studded pants
Entries 211 - 240 of 301